How it Works

“Solidarity ~ Movement ~ CHANGE”

The Liber T token truly is the future of solidarity, for those who wish to join and invest in their family’s future, through two separate entities, and their affiliates, that support the “WE ARE CHANGE” movement.

    1. NEW FEDERATION PARTY CANADA / Alberta (NFC/NFA) a new federal political party / movement to decentralize Canada’s federal Government and promote the sovereign, inherent rights and freedoms of the Canadian people, this while supporting the movement for change, we see in our global community.
    1. ETERNAL WELLNESS SOCIETY (EWS) is a non-profit, non-denominational ministry that represents all people as sovereign beings and their inherent rights to protect the family, our environment, our country and to promote, mind, body and spiritual awareness values, through integrative health and wellness retreats and information networks and educational vessels that include the WWNN, and the CLRC.
    1. WELLNESS WORLD NEWS NETWORK (WWNN), is an uncensored educational multi-media news and information network
    1. COMMON LAW RESOURCE CENTER (CLRC) a website and information platform representing sovereign rights and information based on International and National constitutions charters and covenants.
    1. We support the FREEDOM Movement / Rallies / “Live” Stream programming / Talk for Freedom Chanel / Freedom Artists and speakers

The (EWS) will also partner with, create and / or promote Liber T token member sponsored FREEDOM and special events including international wellness retreats, that allow education and nurturing of the mind, body and spiritual aspects of our bodies and a deeper understanding and knowledge of the real world and universe around us.

The Liber T token membership, when purchased, benefits the holder in multiple ways:

    • The Liber T token membership, when purchased, benefits the holder in multiple ways: Each Liber T token (membership) purchased represents a minimum of 50% of the initial membership token sale fundraising proceeds flowing through to the ETERNAL WELLNESS SOCIETY (EWS).
    • Up to 50% of Each Liber T token membership purchased will be designated to NFC/NFA political parties under Elections Canada $20 anonymous donation guidelines, The political goal of the NFC / NFA is to decentralize the federal Government and allow sovereign powers back to the Provinces and people where they rightfully belong.
    • Supporting the Liber T token movement will allow a beacon to the world as our children, and grandchildren once again experience a free and prosperous country with the ability to enjoy the sovereign rights and freedom our forefathers fought and worked for.
    • Enjoy our LIBER T Hub PHONE APP “Free to Members”
    • Our Liber T Phone App allows access to all of the Liber T token family at the touch of a finger – from tracking your Liber T tokens / to events, retreats and integrative health information on the EWS site / to Canadian and alternative world news featured on WWNN / to our one stop Common Law Resource Centre CLRC, where understanding your sovereign rights is at your finger tips / also our Liber T SOCIAL is a secured encrypted network that allows private communication with other members / open forum chat discussions and polls on various T topics / the reality is it is, this is only the beginning because we are the future … “WE ARE CHANGE”