Investment Summary

Liber T Token Inc. is an expanding corporate enterprise with a visionary business model that provides an excellent proven ROI model to investors, based on our innovative strategy of unifying a global “Use Case” member network through our own cryptocurrency, proprietary Phone App and our Proof-of-Concept established design / marketing team and consensus engine, this along with a well structured token distribution network the T Inc. offering is a reliable, visionary and a distinctive network that powers our own cryptocurrency for end users who will enjoy the expansive nature of our growing infrastructure and ROI strategy

The Liber T Token cryptocurrency was privately launched July 2018, quickly selling out its silent pre-sale offering to investors. This allowed its corporate framework to expand building a very unique and tactical “Use Case” infrastructure to market the Liber T Token, while cross- marketing its global platform to promote the Liber T Token brand.

As of January 1st, 2020, Liber T Token Inc. represents a conservative $9,200,000 USD valuation (below), this is represented by a wide selection of infrastructure and asset creation value within its portfolio composition. Liber T Token Inc. established itself to take the “next step” in maximizing ROI opportunities while mitigating investor risk.

Liber T Token Inc. represents an exciting investor ROI upside based on its’ visionary business model that is embodied through;

  1. The Liber T Token, is a Binance smart chain blockchain that runs parallel to the Binance chain. With smart contract functionality and compatibility with ethereal virtual machine. The platform runs on proof of stake (pos) consensus model, specifically, proof of stake authority. Using its based member driven platform that utilizes our global “We Are Change” integrative member and public network, utilizing a smart contract verification process along with the raven coin and bitcoin platforms, that utilizes our global “We Are Change” integrative member and public network, while utilizing a smart contract verification process.
  2. The Liber T proprietary phone app, hub (coming soon) seamlessly fuses together our global token member and user network and connects the “We Are Change” movement within it’s proprietary real time features.
  3. Our Liber T token’s strategic and innovative “Use Case” cross- marketing Liber T token cryptocurrency platform includes; Liber T phone app. includes; Wellness World News Network, New Federation Party of Canada and Eternal Wellness Society as well as other marketing partners coming onboard to utilize the “We Are Change” FREEDOM member driven public platform created
  4. Leveraging our strategic partners “Proof-of-Concept”, business model to utilize their proven design, implementation and marketing strategy to advance Liber T Token Inc. to a $300,000,000 plus coin market cap valuation that will represent an estimated 10x to 20x ROI for our Investors.
  5. The Hedgetrade cryptocurrency “Proof-of-Concept” has produced proven growth from $0.12 to $2.00 USD over nine months with growing into a $750,000,000 USD market cap, while investors receive a 20x ROI.
  6. Using the Hedgetrade “Proof-of-Concept” marketing model aligned with the Liber T Token Inc. “Use Case” marketing platform should easily represent a conservative 10 –20 x ROI or more for our investors.