Liber T Phone App

WE ARE CHANGE starts with communication
  1. Welcome to the Digital World of Liber T and the “We are Change” movement, all coming together at a click of a finger, to merge and access the full T network though our proprietary phone app that will;

    • Manage our National and Global Events
    • Manage Eternal Wellness Society, Retreats and Events
    • Manage and interact with Member Polls, and voting
    • Manage Safe secure, Internal Member Messaging, private and public forums, chat rooms and various service access

Liber T: Allows you to be the part of vast intergrated network and movement where you and our world comes together with the click of a finger, because “We are Change”

EWS: will educate through its mind, body and spiritual ministry programs, and integrative health retreats that touch the universal protocols of sustainability and wellbeing on many levels that help shape humanity

WWNN: is a global news network hub, that allows an alterative voice to counter censored and unreported news in Canada and internationally

T Social: is an integrative global network that connects members to the “We are Change” worldwide Movement

NFC: is the New Federation Party of Canada, a political party that plans to run a decentralized Canada agenda with candidates in all electoral districts in Canada in compliance with elections Canada guidelines

CLRC: Is a Common Law Resource Center, a Web based information platform that promotes inherent rights of the sovereign person though Common Law information sharing platform


Please Note:

The Liber T phone app is free to download and use / token members will have special access and use of the Liber T social functions