Team Members

“Our commitment is to build, and bring in the very best”


Director / CEO / EWS / CLRC

Brings more than 25 years of diversity in the political, financial, marketing, media and creative sectors, from owning and building a financial securities consulting firm with over 50 employees and 35 million in annual sales, to developing world class marketing strategies with Palmer Jarvis, Pepsi Canada, Molson’s, Lulu Lemon, Disney Canada and Alliance Atlantis Cinema to name a few.

He was also the founder of “Blue World Lifestyle Multi – Media Corp”, a full spectrum wellness related Multi-media, production “network”. Brad also created a Multi-million dollar environmental fundraising strategy with “Voices of the Wilderness”, an environmental awareness music festival that drew over 60,000 people, and allowed creation of the 1072 km Stein Valley Nlaka’pamux Heritage provincial park in British Columbia, Canada.

As a Canadian recording artist with multiple CD releases, including the classic “I Wish It Was Christmas (all year) – recorded with some of Canada’s Juno and Grammy winners, to promote “homeless awareness” .He also wrote and performed in the world premiere of, Dancing in the Light, to extended ovations, at Vancouver’s 3000 seat QE Theatre, choreographed by Sandra Botnan of Cirque du Soleil fame.

In 2011, entering the world of Canadian politics, Brad represented the PC Party of Canada achieving the most votes in the history of the party, while losing to the incumbent.

Brad has since given countless lectures on political, integrative health and wellness topics and has been featured on various Radio and US cable TV Specials.

In 2020 Brad created and built the WALK for FREEDOM movement in Calgary, Alberta and Canada creating the gold standard with over 30 large peaceful and respectful bi weekly Rallies with audiences hitting over 5,000 persons bi weekly and “ LIVE Streams” to 100,000’s of thousands world wide. His rally speakers / interviews featured the worlds top experts and freedom warriors like Dr. Judy Mickovits / Professor Dolores Cahill / Gerald Celente / Chris Sky / Pastor Art Paloski/Dr. Lee Merrit/ Sacha Stone and so many others

Currently, Brad is working with a team of top professionals and tacticians to launch aspects to fund the freedom movement with the Liber T token new wave platform to benefit Canadians and the global freedom movements, represented in the Liber T White-paper, and the Freedom Diamond collections. Where by net proceeds will help fund legal / marketing / social media / and Talk for Freedom radio podcasts.

We at the Liber T token fully believe in bringing in the best talent to make the Liber T token and its mandate a Canadian and global success story, and we “will” secure the very best like minded talent as we grow, to achieve our goals in seeking the best management, creative, legal, and political personal as we grow, expand / start small / grow big.


Director / Marketing

Alex is one of Canada’s leading cryptocurrency specialists, whose skills developed starting in early 2012 as an early Bitcoin adopter. He has since become a cryptocurrency specialist, with years of experience in mining, wallet security, trading, investigating ICOs & research and advanced Masternode setup protocols.

His devotion to KuBitx exchange as the Business/Investments Manager in North America & Ambassador for the National Digital Asset Exchange (NDAX) in Calgary has created professional relationships with leading altcoin developers around the world. Using a patented masternode setup application Alex and his team have developed a proprietary system to assist the general public with a one-click node deployment applications for all levels of users. Alex is excited to join with the Liber T token membership strategy and build infrastructure, as represented in this Whitepaper.


Director / Digital Advisor

He is a proven cross-cultural, multi-national executive with strong language and exceptional skills as an innovator with deep grasp of technology. Change management, demand generation, digital operations and team building across North America.

He is a sought after Digital advisor to fortune 500 and C- Suite, helping them to understand how to be effective digital leaders as their companies go through digital transformation. Able to deliver best practice processes that assure organizations are developing expected benefits and assuring that the benefits are sustained.

Is a proven Board level digital and operational leader with strong commercial acumen and operational success in driving aggressive digital platforms, programs, customer centric and marketing strategies across multiple countries and regions.

Understands organizational environments and corporate cultures that deliver faster, more sustainable and cyber secure programs that focus on efficiency and effectively transferring knowledge and expertise to the consumer.

Ron brings a strong corporate acumen to the Liber T token infrastructure.


Advisory Council

Patrick Chan is a Canadian real estate icon and national / international land developer. He is principle owner of Fortress Realty Ltd. and chairman of a private holding firm with over $200 million in investment financial assets. Patrick has purchased 4 star hotels turning annual losses to profit, while also building international construction factories focused on the housing development markets.

Given his high standards for building quality, trust and respect, Patrick has received letters of recognition from mayors, provincial premier’s as well as the Queen of England for his global philanthropic work and moral integrity. Patrick brings strong upper management acumen to Liber T Token Inc. to advise and establish the EWS retreat properties and to partake in the development the Liber T and EWS mission and their global vision moving forward.


Director EWS advisory

Dail, is a business leader with an exceptional track record of success in the oil and gas, financial, and technology industries. Recognized for accomplishing goals and the ability to “make things happen”. He has managed both start up, and rapid growth planning and execution companies that includes high output sales, marketing, corporate operations, financial management, and executive role on numerous boards of directors.

Dail has held the executive positions from small to medium sized private companies, to very large public companies. Most recently, taking a failing public company into a profitable $500 Million market cap company.

Dail, using his innovative mind-set as President of StimSol Canada, turned a failing small private company into a $20MM revenue generation with a positive EBITDA of $6.0MM, in less than two years.

Leaving the financial sector to enjoy life with his two musical sons, Dail has been touring North America in their 5-piece alternative / rock band, playing over 600 shows, opening for Bon Jovi in Las Vegas’s T-Mobile Arena for 20,000 people, the Doobie Brothers and The Struts in California.

During his time touring, Dail has been intently listening to the concerns and problems facing this next generation, while passionately developing new models and aligning with Liber T token and its “We Are Change” global mandate…


Calgary, Alberta / Contractor

Liber T token has retained one of Canada’s top law-firms, specializing in crypro-currency. They have provided a legal input and “opinion” that Liber T token is “not” a security and is a lawful fundraising vessel as per the whitepaper.


Contract pending

Liber T has employed a top international cyber security firm, to protect our token mandate / our security firm is based in the US and works in high end cyber security for government and private projects and truly is a world class cyber security organization / due to our security the name will not be listed / but company name will be released with a written request to Liber T token email.